Personal Testimonials

Catherine Swanson Davis: Community change agent and friend.
Local elections matter. This year, there are four seats open on our School Board. It’s an important election as the School Board will be addressing the MDHR agreement, building needs, and much more. It’s important to balance new leadership with those who are experienced. It’s why I am voting for Julie Geweke Workman. Julie is running for a 3rd term on the School Board. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Julie this past year. Julie cares deeply about our children – all children – and their educational success. At the board table, you can be assured she is prepared, having done her homework on agenda items. In my discussions with her, I found her to be open-minded and willing to listen to differing viewpoints. Her connections both locally and at the state level are an asset to our schools. I hope you will join me in voting for Julie.

Anastasia Folpe: Community volunteer and friend.
Voted for you! Thank you for your many years of excellent service to our school district, state, region, and country. Our children and our community thank you.

Paula Hardin: Disability Rights Activist and now a friend.
Julie Workman impressed me with her grasp — not just of facts — but of the consequences variations of policy or actions would have for the Rochester Public Schools. I met her at the Coffee with Leadership group meetings several years ago, and quickly learned that the School Board was an important part of local governmental decision making. They are integral to it all, made more obvious recently by the why-did-it-tale-so-long concept of integrating the school buses with public transit policy under consideration.

Julie Workman has a remarkable depth of understanding about the role and importance of the school board, expert knowledge of the board policies, and a vision for positive progress for our schools. I endorse Julie Workman for Rochester School Board Seat 4!

Brett Herbers: College student and friend.
As you probably know, one of the most important issues to me is education, and I wanted to highlight some candidates that I am so excited to support.

… For my Rochester friends, I fully endorse Cathy Nathan for School Board, Melissa Amundsen For School Board, Julie Workman for School Board, and Jean Marvin for School Board! These four women are all wicked smart, extremely passionate, and are some of the strongest advocates I know for education. Rochester needs these four on the school board, and I am so excited to vote for them all in November!

L.C.: a friend who does great things for kids.
Julie Workman, Jean Marvin, Cathy Nathan, and Melissa Amundsen are excellent candidates. While they do all happen to be women, they are also strong leaders in our community and incredible advocates for public education, the foundation of our democracy. Our community deserves strong leaders like these strong women.

Janet Willis:Fellow musician and friend.
Julie Workman is one of the hardest working Rochester School Board members I have seen. She takes time to seek to understand and remains, at all times, humble. As a retired music educator, it is clear that she uses musical concepts as analogies when discussing the educational development of high school students. I am also impressed by her determination to focus on the need to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, when approaching solutions to problems. Frankly, these two skills are crucial to becoming creative and dynamic contributors to society.

Michael Wojcik: City Councilman and friend.
…[Julie is] one of the absolute best board members. I am a big fan of Julie Geweke Workman, she has been a leader on issues like shared busing, expanding trade options in the schools, and intergovernmental cooperation. In fact she volunteers her time 2x a month to attend Coffee with Local Leaders where we try to answer the public’s questions and learn from all of you. If you haven’t already please be sure to cast a vote for Julie.

Paul Sims: 
The local anti tax GOP leadership have suddenly left their posts at the county party office to run for school board. Gallas and Kaskubar possess ideology which is not consistent with growing a thriving school system. Eischen leads the local builders lobbying group which has opposed common sense revisions to a modern city planning effort. I wouldn’t trust any of these guys to have the vision or motivation to make our schools the best they can be. Your vote is better spent on Melissa Admunsen, Cathy Nathan, Julie Workman and Jean Marvin.

Ruth Rothschild: 
Julie Workman is the incumbent for her board seat. Julie is a retired music teacher and worked in the Rochester school system for many years. She brings alot of understanding of the school district and its various issues to the table. In the time that she has served on the board, I’ve found that she has brought good insights and perspectives to the table and is able to listen to both sides of a story.


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